Business Law

At Prestige Law Firm, every individual on the team has years of quality experience in various areas of business law, having worked at several top firms. Furthermore, as a successful new law firm ourselves, we are aware of the steps as well as effort required to start a business. We are thus uniquely situated to understand and assist startups, burgeoning businesses, and established corporations. You can trust us to strive forthrightly with your best interest in mind

As our client, any advice your receive will be catered to your unique situation. We listen, learn, observe, and customize our counsel. The law is not a secret, nor should it  be kept as one. Alongside expert opinions, Prestige Law Firm will inform you of our legal reasoning, so that you are fully informed of your options. Additionally, we will update you on any federal or provincial legal developments relevant to your case.  It is your business, so you lay the final verdict. We respect our clients’ decisions and support them every step of the way.

By becoming a client of Prestige Law Firm, you will have access to our numerous services, including:

  • Managing Purchase and Sale Transactions of Shares, Assets, and Goods
  • Reviewing and Preparing Contracts or Agreements
    • Shareholder Agreements
    • Joint Venture Agreements
    • Partnership Agreements
    • Franchise Agreements
    • Commercial Contracts
    • Technology Licensing and Transfer Agreements
    • Confidentiality and Non-compete Agreements
    • Operating Agreements
    • Supply and Distribution Agreements
    • Consulting Agreements
  • Protecting the Rights of-
    • Creditors
    • Shareholders
    • Employees
  • Structuring, Establishing, and Organizing Businesses
    • Registering Business Names, Domain names, Trade-marks, Patents and Copyrights
    • Start-Up Representation
    • Going Public Transactions
    • Incorporation
  • Maintaining Corporate Governance Systems
    • Corporate Reorganization, including Acquisitions, Mergers, and Divestitures
    • Corporate Disclosure
    • Corporate Compliance
    • Bankruptcy and Insolvency
    • Record-Keeping
    • General Counsel
  • And So Much More
    • Legal Opinion Letters
    • Contract Negotiations
    • Debt Financing