Corporate Governance & Maintenance

What is it?

Corporate governance describes the systems and policies that allow for corporations to operate with responsibility, fairness, transparency, and accountability in all its dealings.  In other words, corporate governance is about managing a company in an ethical and legal manner.

These practices permeate throughout all business operations, including:

  • Managing finances legally and responsibly
  • How a company overcomes impediments
  • Communications and involvement between shareholders
  • The rights and responsibilities of different shareholders
  • Policies regarding business decision making
  • Corporate restructuring

Corporate maintenance concerns the application of everything mentioned above in day-to-day practices.

What we Do?

Ever since 2003, with the passing of Bill 198, the government has doubled down on upright corporate governance and management. The board of directors are typically responsible for crafting such regulations, but sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Thus, in such sensitive matters, it is prudent to consult trustworthy legal advisors who know relevant legislation and have experience in managing businesses.

When it comes to regular maintenance, we provide the following services:

  • Filing Annual Declarations on time so that your corporation remains in good standing
  • Storing your minute book and keeping it up to date
  • Paying government fees
  • Acting as Elected Domicile, so that government correspondence goes through us

As for major corporate governance operations, we provide our assistance in the following ways:

  • Informing directors of provincial and federal legal limitations
  • Notifying executives of indemnities, liabilities, and conflicts of interest
  • Evaluating risk management
  • Advising on salary distribution
  • Managing public discourse and public image
  • Drafting codes of ethics and other corporate bylaws
  • Overseeing reorganization, including amendments, amalgamations, mergers, shifting corporate assets, and bankruptcy