Federal Self-Employed

Canada welcomes successful business individuals who are looking for new opportunities and challenges. The Self-Employed Business Immigration class is designed to encourage and facilitate the admission of these individuals to Canadian market. Both the federal, provincial and territorial governments welcome self-employed immigrants and offer services to help them settle in Canada. Applicants in this category must demonstrate relevant experience within the last five years before the date of the application. Relevant experience means:

  • For at least two years within the five years before the application is submitted.
  • Self-employment in cultural activities or athletics.
  • Participation, at the world-class level, in cultural activities or athletics.

Applying under this category, there are no conditions imposed on the applicant. However, they must have experience as stated above, intention and ability to:

  • Establish a business that will at least create an employment opportunity for themselves which will make a significant contribution to cultural activities or athletics in Canada.

The application to come to Canada under this category, will be assessed against a point system consisting of five selection factors:

  • Business experience
  • Age
  • Education
  • Language Proficiency
  • Adaptability

Not sure if you meet the requirements as a Self-Employed individual, do not hesitate to book a consultation to review your eligibility.