Permanent Resident (PR) Card

A Permanent Resident (PR) Card is a wallet-sized plastic card that is issued to new immigrants after they have landed at a Canadian port or border. Usually, the PR card is mailed to your residential or mailing address in Canada few weeks after you have landed through PR Visa. A PR visa is a Permanent Resident visa that is stamped to your passport after your permanent residence application gets accepted with which you have to enter Canada to complete your landing.

A PR card is required for all Canadian permanent residents wishing to re-enter Canada through a commercial carrier (plane, bus, train, boat, etc.). Without one, you may not be able to board. Your PR card needs to be valid before returning to Canada. If your card expires, you will have to apply for a new one. You are still a permanent resident if your card expires.

Permanent Residents can apply for a PR Card if they are:

  • Applying for a PR card for first time.
  • Replacing a lost, stolen, or expired PR Card.
  • Requiring urgent processing of Permanent Resident Card application.

It is imperative to ensure your PR Card has not expired before leaving or returning from/to Canada. Contact our office today to determine if you qualify for a PR Card.