Shareholder Agreements

What is it?

Shareholder Agreements specify the rights, responsibilities, and regulations of shareholders of a corporation in relation to the corporation itself, but also the directors and officers. Directors are mainly responsible for making management decisions and are usually shareholders themselves. Officers make up the hierarchy (e.g., president, vice-president, etc.) and are usually not shareholders themselves.

A shareholder agreement is absolutely vital for any functioning corporation because it outlines who makes what decisions and how, in accordance with the limitations placed on them by shareholders, who own the corporation.

What we Do?

At Prestige Law Firm, we understand that a shareholder agreement is a pillar that forms the foundation of any well-to-do corporation. Liberty is found in discipline, and we ensure that your corporation’s shareholder agreement does the following:

  • Specifies the type of business you’re corporation will engage in
  • Outlines how financial assistance is disseminated, if at all
  • Selects a verified bank or auditor
  • Ensures that assets garner a certain value before being sold
  • Establishes
    • Contributions – How much each shareholder plans to contribute in terms of capital and effort
    • Distributions – How profits and expenses are distributed and in what order
    • Disputes – How any conflicts will be resolved
    • Dissolution – How individual shareholders can pull out of the corporation or how they can mutually end the corporation’s existence.

We can even help you regulate the management of shares or stocks, such as the issuance of shares, when dividends are paid, and how a director or officer can offer a share. We have the following forms at-hand to do just that!

  • Shareholder’s Resolution
  • Shareholder Proxy
  • Share Purchase Agreement
  • Share Repurchase Agreement
  • Share Subscription
  • Shareholder Loan Agreement