Spousal Open Work Permit

Spousal open work permit is a special type of work permit designed to unite a spouse or family member of someone working or studying temporarily in Canada. A spousal open work permit is given to spouses of workers or international students working or studying full-time in Canada. When your spouse has an open work permit, he or she can work part-time or full-time for any employer. It is possible to apply for a spouse open work permit before or after they come to Canada. In general, the duration of work permits issued for spouses will be the same as the worker’s or student’s work or study permit.

However, generally, spouses of workers or international students prefer applying to open work permits following their arrival in Canada. Please note that, based on your country of citizenship, which may require you to obtain a temporary resident visa to enter Canada, your spouse can also apply for an open work permit at the border or airport where they arrive in Canada.